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I do many types of photography including Sports, Portraits, Senior Photos, Family, Bridal, Business and Pageant Headshots, Maternity, Baby, and Motherhood, events and Model portfolios. Weddings on a limited basis. I do also enjoy trying new and different things.

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Saturday Night 2017

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Promo Party 8th Grade 5-17-2017

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Guestbook for David Pickering Photography
31.Kim M Black
David did my daughter's engagement pictures and will also be doing her wedding in September. I would like everyone to know what an excellent job he does!!! He is so good at what he does and is so extremely reasonably priced. I am sure many of you have had or will have photo sessions with him. I am hoping you have gone or will ALL go the extra mile to also order your photos from David's website. They are excellent!!!! You may think that you can get them done cheaper at another facility, but the quality and the service on his website are EXCEPTIONAL! David's website photo fees are way more cost efficient than a lot of other professional photographers I have used in the past. Besides the great quality of the photos and the service, you get that little added attention of having David to critique each of your individual orders and there is no charge for this!!! That is an abundant amount of time given freely by him just because of his love of photography!! I ordered a photos, large collages, and photo books and all were PERFECT!!! I received a 20 page photo book in a week less time than I had done at another local facility previously and NO ONE reviewed that order to verify the pictures were all correct either.

So, THANK YOU David for your SUPERB job in all aspects of your business!!! I do appreciate what you do!!!

Kim Black
27.Carla Haley
Thank you David so much for taking such amazing Senior Pictures of my daughter. I have know idea how I am going to chose. It was fun watching you work your magic!
25.Becca Paden(non-registered)
David...Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures that you took of my son, his girlfriend and my grandson. I am so happy with the results. Bre was even so impressed, she told me that you took the time, and would fix her hair in between shots if it was needed. You have a true talent and a very loving heart. I know we will be back many more times in the future. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
23.Carol Jones(non-registered)
And we thought David just ran one of the best funeral homes around... Thank you so much for the awesome pictures of Gabe and all the kids. They are truly priceless treasures. And thanks for being so accommodating to our needs in timing, etc. While poring over Gabe's senior pictures, I stumbled upon some other pictures I didn't even know were out there and I've ordered several. Way to support your community, David!!!
Hello. Company First sergeant of the Bulldog detachment. I love the photos you do of my color guard and my platoon. Keep up the good work. It always make me happy to see my company performing for school activities or color guard assignments.