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Photography is my part time hobby - part time business. But it definitely is a passion. I love to create art with my camera. I do my best to capture the emotion in moments in time. Most of the time I prefer to make natural looking images that capture the "real" person. However, upon request I can edit to your desire.

I enjoy trying new and different things. Types I have done include Sports, High School Seniors, Family, Bridal, Business and Pageant Headshots, Maternity and Baby, and events. I have also helped aspiring models start to build their portfolio.

Welcome to a collection of my photos that are available for sale. Not all photos I take will be placed on this site. If you know I have taken photos that are not here and you would like to purchase prints, please contact me and I will upload them for you to purchase.

I have chosen a lab that is a little more expensive but there is a difference. You get what you pay for definitely applies.

All print orders of $150 or more receive free shipping. Use coupon code "over150".

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I do many types of photography including Sports, Portraits, Senior Photos, Family, Bridal, Business and Pageant Headshots, Maternity, Baby, and Motherhood, events and Model portfolios. Weddings on a limited basis. I do also enjoy trying new and different things.

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Guestbook for David Pickering Photography
14.Kathryn Westphal and Family(non-registered)
I have known David for awhile. He is an exceptional person as well as a friend, and now we are happy to call him our Photographer! All of his work is very professional and he is completely up to date, and continues to be, with today's ever changing trends. I can't wait to continue working with him and create more memories to cherish for a lifetime. Thanks David!
13.Taylor Bryant(non-registered)
Between family, professional, and engagement (which will now be used for publication purposed only), David has done a wonderful job capturing all of our moments. David is a complete joy to work with during any situation. I look forward to working with him more in the future.
12.Hanna Runyon(non-registered)
I have dealt with MANY photographers and David is absolutely one of my favorites. He has everything he needs to be the perfect photographer. He is funny, kind, creative, listens, available, prompt, and talented! You MUST give him a try and you will soon be calling him for every occasion. I had my engagement photos taken recently with David and I was blown away with every aspect of the shoot, from beginning to finish. Love this guy!!!
11.Lynn Nickoley
Is there ANYONE like David???? I think many memories will we hold dear because of him?
10.Melanie griffin
I am so happy with how you caputured my babies first birthday shots! Also I love when I got my print In The mail and they were precut! Love love love... Thank you so much.